Patch Notes MMO – Premier hotfix majeur

Life is Feudal: MMO Patch Note
Bannière Wild West Online

Nous avons déployés plusieurs hotfix vendredi et samedi juste après avoir déployé la Première Mise à jour majeure sur la région UE et, avec ce patch, nous prévoyons de corriger l’ensemble des problèmes majeurs rencontrés par les joueurs. Si aucun soucis ne nous ai remontés, nous prévoyons d’implanter cette version sur la région NA.

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Patch Notes (ver.

Nouvelles fonctionnalités et correctifs:

  • Unfinished outpost building sites now take significantly longer to decay and disappear
  • Uprooting stumps will give at least Q10 mineral catalysts and billets
  • Castle fortification damage resistance boosted
  • Players should no longer be able to pour soil on the ground and cut trees on the protected lands (around the newbie island village and native’s camps)
  • Only players with ‘Can Destroy’ rights can dismantle decorative objects on claims
  • (Guest Invite) codes for transfer on claims has been removed temporarily
  • ‘Maintain Equipment’ ability is now allowed in the arena
  • Weapon tooltips slightly improved
  • IB loot container’s visual size significantly increased
  • Personal timers on horses are now properly ignored during JH
  • Closed console commands that enabled players to force the connection to the game servers, which would break the normal connection sequence (this caused all types of bugs after it was used) – please contact support with your log files if you have problems connecting

Résolution de bugs et optimisations:

  • Fixed excessive durability damage to weapons and armor
  • Fixed doubled stamina drains while sprinting in game
  • Fixed some arena and IB connection issues
  • Objects selection algorithm adjusted so that it should be significantly easier to select and interact with movable objects in the game
  • Fixed horse mount and dismount animations that were not working properly
  • Fixed a server-side arena crash
  • Shader cache usage algorithm fixed, which should decrease freezes while loading the world during the connection
  • Death window with your active insurance information and skill loss calculations was fixed
  • Removed a bug that allowed players to release a horse in the arena in certain situations
  • Optimized server-side calculations to prevent excessive lag in some cases (both in IBs and open world)
  • Fixed ground cover related client-side crashes
  • Some localization text fixes

— L’Équipe